Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Grandma's Sugar Cookies



This has been a crazy week of packing up my Mom and trying to see all my friends and family.  Today the kids and I took a break and made some sugar cookies for Halloween.  I used a recipe given to me by my husband’s Grandma, of course I had to make a few changes to make the cookies vegan.  The kids get very few treats like this, so they were very excited and had a great time helping.  I think they had more frosting on them than got on the cookies.


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3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

  1. Okay…These cookies are not only delicious BUT so easy to roll out the dough. For some reason cut-out cookies are not generally cooperative with me. I had no issues with these what so ever. They are moist and delicious whether it be frosted, plain, or smothered in fruit for your fruit pizza! If I get through my homework I may just make some green ones for St. Patty’s Day!

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