Caulifredo Pasta

Vegan Caulifredo

I think this is one of the easiest pasta sauces I have ever made.  The kids named it caulifredo because it is made with cauliflower and it is super creamy and a little cheesy like alfredo sauce, only with almost no fat.  I roasted the cauliflower before blending it for the sauce, which really brings out the flavor.  This is also a very budget friendly pasta dinner.  Pasta is always a kid pleaser in my house, but I think caulifredo is going to be a new favorite.  The kids devoured it and then were asking for seconds and then thirds.


Lentil “Meat”Loaf

Lentil Meatloaf

Lentil “Meat”loaf is very hearty and full of great flavors, but it has very little fat unlike a traditional meatloaf.  The lentils and the mushrooms really give this a meaty flavor.  The lentils also provide a ton of protein.   This would go great with mashed potatoes and gravy.


Vegetable Gumbo

Veggie Gumbo

Veggie Gumbo has become one of our new family favorites.  It is so warm and filling with just enough spice.  This time of year I use frozen okra, but in the summer it would great with fresh.  Feel free to add more spice if you like it.  My husband and I just add hot sauce at the table because the kids don’t like spice like we do.


St. Patrick’s Day – Irish Soda Bread





We usually go all out for St Patrick’s Day at my house.  We eat green and Irish food all day.  A leprechaun usually comes to visit our house and plays lots of tricks as well.  Irish Soda Bread is one of our favorite recipes for St Patty’s.  It is slightly sweet and has a great flavor from the caraway seeds.  It is not a yeast bread, so is doesn’t take long to make.  Some other great recipes for St Patrick’s Day would be Shepherd’s Garden Pie and Spinach Pesto Pasta.  Don’t forget to wear your green!!


Potato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup

My daughter is in the process of getting braces, so we have been making a lot of soup lately and I am trying to come up with some new recipes.  This potato leek soup is smooth, creamy and decadent.  No one will ever believe that it is made with cashew cream instead of heavy cream.  Just make sure that you wash your leeks really well or your soup will be gritty because leeks hold a lot of dirt in their layers.  To clean my leeks, I cut them in half longways and slice them (you just want the tender white part of the leeks, so cut off the tough green ends).  Then I put them in a large bowl of water and swish them around to get all the dirt out of the rings.  The dirt should sink to the bottom of the bowl so you can scoop the clean leeks off the top of the water.  To make this soup even more rich you can top it with tempeh fakin bacon.


Spinach Pesto Pasta

Spinach Pesto Pasta

Spinach pesto pasta is a super quick and delicious meal.  The pesto is raw and comes together in just a few minutes, so it is great for a weeknight dinner.  I use walnuts in the pesto sauce and no extra oil to cut the calories a little bit.  Jut serve it over your favorite whole wheat pasta.


Kale Chips

Vegan Kale Chips


Kale Chips
Kale Chips

I have to warn you that these kale chips are addictive.  They are crispy, crunchy and a little salty like potato chips and once you start eating them you can’t stop.  Kale chips are so popular in our house that we all fight over them.  I always have to make a big batch.  This is a great way to eat your greens!  Add some nutritional yeast or your favorite spice mix to add some more flavor.



Taco Lasagna


Taco lasagna is a fun twist on ordinary tacos.  You get all the great taco flavors in lasagna form.  The base of the lasagna is baked, but then it is topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes for a nice contrast.  I usually use black beans when I  make this, but you can substitute TVP or soy beef style crumbles for the beans.  There are hidden veggies in this lasagna as well for any picky eaters.  The shredded zucchini in the filling blends in nicely with the other flavors, so if you don’t tell anyone it’s in there no one won’t notice.

Black Bean Taco Lasagna

White Bean and Kale Soup



My son’s 6th birthday was on Saturday, so we kind of overindulged this weekend.  We had a lot of fun and a lot of good food, most of which was not really healthy.  Today I am paying for it, so I wanted something to help get me back into balance.  This soup is perfect for that.  It is nice and light, but full of vitamins from the kale and protein from the beans.  I used dried beans, but if you use canned beans this soup comes together in no time at all.

white bean and kale soup