Broiled Asian Tofu

Vegan Broiled Asian Tofu

I just have to say that tofu is not something that I usually like, in fact I really dislike it.  If something tastes like tofu, I don’t eat it.  This does not taste like tofu.  My kids share my feeling about tofu and they gobbled this up.  It has a sweet and salty flavor to it and it gets a little crisp under the broiler.   I served it with sautéed kale and brown rice, but it would be great on a salad as well.  Just make sure you let your tofu drain really well.  You want as much water out of it as you can get, so it can absorb more of the marinade.   I put my tofu in a strainer and then put a small plate on top of it, then put a heavy jar on the plate to help press out the water.


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