Vegan Chopped “Pork” Sandwich

Vegan chopped pork Sandwich


Barbecued pork used to be my husbands favorite food before we became vegan.  It was the thing that he missed the most as well.  I was really happy to find a vegan rib recipe that was really good and easy to make.  I used that recipe to make the “pork” sandwiches.  I just chopped the “ribs” covered it in BBQ sauce and served it on a whole wheat bun.  The Collard Green Salad goes great with this sandwich.


Chopped “Pork” Sandwich

1 recipe for vegan ribs:  Barbecued Seitan Ribz  (I usually double or triple the recipe)

Your favorite vegan BBQ sauce

Whole Wheat or Ezekiel buns

Follow the directions for the seitan ribz.  When the ribz are done then chop them up and mix in some BBQ sauce.  Serve on warm buns.


Split Pea Soup


Split pea is one of my families favorite soup.  It also happens to be really easy to make and really inexpensive.  Split peas are only about $1.00 per bag.  I usually double the recipe so I have lots of leftovers for lunch the next day.  You can leave the soup chunky or blend it to make it creamy.  This soup can also be made in the crock pot.  Just throw in all the ingredients and let it cook on low all day.


Broiled Asian Tofu

Vegan Broiled Asian Tofu

I just have to say that tofu is not something that I usually like, in fact I really dislike it.  If something tastes like tofu, I don’t eat it.  This does not taste like tofu.  My kids share my feeling about tofu and they gobbled this up.  It has a sweet and salty flavor to it and it gets a little crisp under the broiler.   I served it with sautéed kale and brown rice, but it would be great on a salad as well.  Just make sure you let your tofu drain really well.  You want as much water out of it as you can get, so it can absorb more of the marinade.   I put my tofu in a strainer and then put a small plate on top of it, then put a heavy jar on the plate to help press out the water.


Curry Tempeh Salad


Before becoming vegan I loved chicken curry salad.  This is the veganized version of it.  I used tempeh to replace the chicken and added some fruit and veggies to make it more nutritious.  The tempeh is a great source of protein and has a really mild flavor after it is boiled.  Look for reduced fat or fat free vegan mayo (Veganaise makes both).  I like to serve mine over lettuce, but it is also great as a sandwich or in pita bread.