Money Saving Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent

Making your own laundry detergent only takes a few ingredients and is super easy.  It also is free from all of the added chemicals and artificial fragrances that are found in commercial detergents.

With the tight budget that my family is on, I have to save money where ever I can.  I started to make my own laundry detergent, which saves so much.  This recipe makes 5 gallons of detergent and costs less than 3 dollars for me to make.

It is actually really easy to do and the ingredients can all be found at the grocery store.  This detergent does a great job of cleaning the cloths and leaves them with a nice clean smell.  I use a bar of castile soap for my detergent.  I really like Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap.  I like to add lavender or lemon oil to mine, but you could use whatever fragrance that you like.  Just make sure it is a pure essential oil.

The detergent works great on its own, but I like to add a cup of white vinegar to the washer if I have clothes that are really dirty or smelly.


Laundry Detergent

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