Thanksgiving Menu

This year we will have 16 people here for Thanksgiving and the kids have been working hard on our decorations.  Our little house will be very full, but it is such a blessing to have everyone together.   I tried to keep the food very traditional this year, so everyone will have something familiar.  Here is the menu:

Meatless Loaf from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.  I am going to wrap mine in puff pastry.

Traditional stuffing with apples

Greens beans with apple cider, carmelized onions and walnuts

Cranberry sauce

Roasted sweet potatoes with, cranberries, sage and walnuts

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Homemade rolls

Pumpkin Pie


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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Menu

  1. What a lovely job the children did decorating — they can be very proud of their work!

    Your menu sounds wonderful — enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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