Asheville, North Carolina

For our 9th Anniversary my husband and I spent a few days in Asheville.  It is such a beautiful, cool city and super veggie friendly.  There are so many restaurants in Asheville that are all vegetarian and even a few that are totally vegan.  It is so great to be able to order almost anything on the menu instead of having limited choices.  One of our Favorite restaurants is The Laughing Seed, which is where we had dinner.   We also went to Rosetta’s Kitchen and had some not so healthy snacks, which included chili cheese fries.  Breakfast was at the Green Sage where we had some really yummy fresh juice.  Asheville is definitely a city worth visiting and is where I would love to live.  I was so happy to have some time with my husband.  The few years have been so stressful for our family and he has been my rock.  I thank God for him everyday and for the way he leads our family.  We have had some tough times lately, but we have made our marriage and our faith a priority and both have been strengthened.

Here are the pictures of what we ate:


Bloody Mary at The Laughing Seed



This was Mike’s dinner.  It is brown rice risotto with mushrooms, sweet potatoes and tempeh.



This was my dinner.  It is the Indian plate with vegetable curry, lentils and naan.  It was so spicy and good!



Coconut Cream pie for dessert!



This is the Red Planet juice at the Green Sage where we had breakfast.  It is beet, carrot, apple and ginger.  After all the decadent food the night before this was just what I needed.

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