Cacciatore over Whole Wheat Pasta

Vegan cacciatore

Cacciatore is a dish that I grew up with.  My mom and my grandma used to make it all the time, but their version had chicken in it.  I used all the same veggies and served it over whole wheat pasta.  The tomatoes and wine in the cacciatore make a nice light sauce for the pasta.  It would be great with vegan “chicken” cutlets, like Gardien, in it as well.


Mushroom Bourguignon



This was our Valentine’s Day dinner.  It was of course inspired by the Julia Child recipe for beef bourguignon and it was equally delicious.  I replaced the beef with portobello mushrooms and simplified the recipe, so it did not take quite as long to make.  I think that Julia would have been proud of this meatless version of bourguigonon.  This was one of the best meals that I have had for awhile and I will be making it again very soon.  It was great for a special night and would be great to serve company.  This is one that you have to try.  I served the bourguignon with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted green beans.


I hope you try this version of bourguignon, you will love it!

Lentils with Mushrooms


Today was a lovely fall day here in the mountains.  It is really starting to cool down and the leaves are all changing.  I love this time of year.  I also love all the fall foods like cranberries and pumpkin.  Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the fall weather.  I had to make cranberries again because they are my daughter’s favorite.  She begs for them when she sees them in the store.  The lentils and mushrooms were perfect for the chilly evening (plus full of protein) and the mushy peas are another of the kid’s favorites, whichI had been promising them to make the peas for awhile.