Berry Cobbler

vegan berry cobbler

The wild blackberries are all ripe where we live.  This was just one of the three baskets that we picked.  Needless to say we have a ton of berries already and there are a lot more to pick in the next few weeks.  After a few hours of picking, we decided to make cobbler.  Blackberry cobbler is on of my Dad’s favorite desserts, so he was super happy.  The cobbler is great as is or with vegan vanilla ice cream.

vegan berry cobbler


Strawberry Pie

vegan strawberry pie

We have a strawberry farm close to us, so for a few weeks we had tons of strawberries.  We actually bought so many that I had to freeze some because we could’t eat them all.  I made this pie to help use some of the berries and it was a delicious way to use them.  The crust was nice and flaky and was filled with fresh sweet strawberries.  I topped the pie with a little granola just to give it a little crunch.  The basic recipe for this pie actually came off the bottom of an old pie dish that my mom had.



Berry Crisp

Vegan berry crisp

Berry crisp is a great summertime dessert. I made it while we were visiting Florida where it definitely felt like summer.   It is best served warm with vegan ice cream, yum!  I used frozen fruit, but you could always use fresh berries.  I also used a mixture of all different berries, but just use your favorite.  The crisp topping is delicious with the warm, juicy berries.  I actually ate the leftovers of the berry crisp for breakfast the next morning.   Now that we are back in North Carolina I can’t wait to make a berry crisp with the fresh strawberries that are in season now.


Strawberry Pancakes

pancake recipe

Strawberry Pancake Recipe

This weekend my kids asked for strawberry pancakes, which I have never had before.  They were actually really good, so will be making them again.  I always use the same basic pancake recipe and then just add in whatever fruit I feel like that day.  My family’s favorite  are apple cinnamon.  Of course the kids love chocolate chip pancakes, but those are only for special days like birthdays.  This pancake recipe makes enough for 4, but I usually double it so we have some leftover for a quick breakfast during the week.



Hope everyone enjoys the Vegan Pancake Recipe!!!