Honey Mustard Tempeh

Honey Mustard Tempeh

It has been a while  since I have posted, but it has been a little crazy the last few months.  I have been trying to adjust to working and having the kids in school.  How I miss the homeschooling days!  An upcoming post will be on packing school lunches, which has turned out to be a challenge.

I have also been trying to work with an even tighter grocery budget.  The job that my husband was offered fell through, so now we have more bills and less money.  I have faith that it will all work out, but the waiting is hard.  I know that God will provide and that a better opportunity will come about.

Honey Mustard tempeh is a quick and cheap dinner that turned out to be delicious.  Tempeh is a great source of protein and it is so yummy.  The key is to boil the tempeh before cooking with it.  I boil mine in a marinade instead of just plain water (recipe follows).  It gives the tempeh a great flavor and then you can use it for anything, even just for sandwiches.


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