Strawberry Pie

vegan strawberry pie

We have a strawberry farm close to us, so for a few weeks we had tons of strawberries.  We actually bought so many that I had to freeze some because we could’t eat them all.  I made this pie to help use some of the berries and it was a delicious way to use them.  The crust was nice and flaky and was filled with fresh sweet strawberries.  I topped the pie with a little granola just to give it a little crunch.  The basic recipe for this pie actually came off the bottom of an old pie dish that my mom had.



Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

vegan oatmeal raisin cookie 1

vegan oatmeal raisin cookie 2

There is almost nothing better than soft, chewy cookies and a glass of cold soy milk.  These oatmeal raisin cookies are so good, but without the guilt of regular cookies.  You can always replace the raisins with chocolate chips, which would be equally delicious.



Kid’s Picks: Mini Pizzas and No-Bake Date Cookies

Mini pizza


No Bake Date Cookies




My kids picked the recipes for the mini pizzas and date cookies for this post, so needless to say they are family friendly.  The mini pizzas are really simple to make and are great for a quick lunch or dinner.  I like that the kids can make their own and put on their favorite toppings, so they get their pizza just how they want it (no complaining involved).  My kids, and my husband, love to have the Date Cookies for snack and they usually disappear the same day I make them.  They are full of oats and nuts, but no refined sugar.  There is no baking involved for these cookies, all you need is a food processor.  Kids can help make these cookies too.  You can have them measure ingredients and help roll the cookies.  I love to get my kids involved in cooking and they love to eat things that they make, even if it is a new food.



Valentine’s Cinnamon Cookies


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I can’t believe that Valentine’s is here already.  It kind of snuck up on me this year, but I still wanted to make some special cookies for my family.  This recipe is so simple it feels like I am cheating by making them these cookies.  They are made with puff pastry, which believe it or not is vegan (at least the Pepperridge Farm brand is).     I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


Super Bowl Menu Ideas



The Super Bowl is the only football game that I watch all year.  It is really just an excuse to eat a lot of  yummy food.  It can be a really hard day to stay on track though, especially if you are going to a party.   Here are some of my favorite foods that would be great for a party and please non vegans as well.

Chili cheese dip is the best.  It is so simple (only 2 ingredients) and so good.  It is always the first thing gone when I make it for a party, so I make a lot.

Chili cheese dogs are another great party food.  Just get veggie dogs, top with canned or homemade chili and sprinkle with Daiya cheese.  Amy’s makes really good vegan canned chili.  Don’t forget to use whole grain hot dog buns.

A layer dip is so easy to make vegan.  There is a great recipe on The Kind Life. . Think about using veggies to dip with instead of chips or try to find baked chips.