Polenta Bake



One of my favorite convenience foods is the pre-cooked polenta the comes in the tube.  You can usually find it in the produce section by the tofu, don’t ask me why.  This is my favorite way to use the polenta and it is quick and easy, so it is great for a weeknight dinner.  You can add anything that you would like for the toppings, so it is also good for cleaning veggies that need to be used out of your fridge.    Just serve it with a salad and you will have a great meal.


Polenta Pizza



Since my daughter had her surgery she can’t eat really crunchy or hard food, but she wanted to have some veggie pizza.  I made this pizza for her with a polenta crust.  The polenta holds all the toppings really well, but it softer than a regular crust.  This is not a pizza that you can pick up to eat, but the polenta is so good with all the veggies.  I topped this pizza with tofu ricotta and lots of veggies.  The polenta crust is great with any pizza toppings that you like though.



This is great as a pizza topping, for lasagna or stuffed shells.




Ratatouille with Polenta



I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had such a great time with our family and ate way to much of course.  This ratatouille recipe is great way to get in a bunch a veggies after all the not so good for you holiday food.  It is very filling and warm, so perfect for the fall weather.  I baked mine in individual portions, but it would be just as great in a larger casserole dish.  The ratatouille could also be served on its own or with the polenta as a side dish.