Vegetable Gumbo

Veggie Gumbo

Veggie Gumbo has become one of our new family favorites.  It is so warm and filling with just enough spice.  This time of year I use frozen okra, but in the summer it would great with fresh.  Feel free to add more spice if you like it.  My husband and I just add hot sauce at the table because the kids don’t like spice like we do.


Taco Lasagna


Taco lasagna is a fun twist on ordinary tacos.  You get all the great taco flavors in lasagna form.  The base of the lasagna is baked, but then it is topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes for a nice contrast.  I usually use black beans when I  make this, but you can substitute TVP or soy beef style crumbles for the beans.  There are hidden veggies in this lasagna as well for any picky eaters.  The shredded zucchini in the filling blends in nicely with the other flavors, so if you don’t tell anyone it’s in there no one won’t notice.

Black Bean Taco Lasagna