Cranberry Walnut Cake



It has been raining all day today, so I decided to bake.  I had some cranberry sauce left over from dinner a few nights ago and thought it might be good in a cake.  This is really more like a quick bread rather than a cake, but if I call it cake the kids think they are getting a big treat.  There is no oil in this recipe and the only sugar was from the cranberry sauce and a little maple syrup, so nothing to feel guilty about.  This cake made a great snack today when it was still warm.


Lentils with Mushrooms


Today was a lovely fall day here in the mountains.  It is really starting to cool down and the leaves are all changing.  I love this time of year.  I also love all the fall foods like cranberries and pumpkin.  Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the fall weather.  I had to make cranberries again because they are my daughter’s favorite.  She begs for them when she sees them in the store.  The lentils and mushrooms were perfect for the chilly evening (plus full of protein) and the mushy peas are another of the kid’s favorites, whichI had been promising them to make the peas for awhile.