Berry Crisp

Vegan berry crisp

Berry crisp is a great summertime dessert. I made it while we were visiting Florida where it definitely felt like summer.   It is best served warm with vegan ice cream, yum!  I used frozen fruit, but you could always use fresh berries.  I also used a mixture of all different berries, but just use your favorite.  The crisp topping is delicious with the warm, juicy berries.  I actually ate the leftovers of the berry crisp for breakfast the next morning.   Now that we are back in North Carolina I can’t wait to make a berry crisp with the fresh strawberries that are in season now.


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Vegan Baklava

I made this baklava mostly for my daughter.  Honey is her favorite food and she would eat it out of the jar if I let her.  Most baklava recipes call for a  ton of sugar, but I used some dates and honey for sweetness instead of refined sugar.  You can always substitute agave for the honey if you don’t use it.  The baklava was sweet and nutty with a nice crispy top from the phyllo dough.



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Kid’s Picks: Mini Pizzas and No-Bake Date Cookies

Mini pizza


No Bake Date Cookies




My kids picked the recipes for the mini pizzas and date cookies for this post, so needless to say they are family friendly.  The mini pizzas are really simple to make and are great for a quick lunch or dinner.  I like that the kids can make their own and put on their favorite toppings, so they get their pizza just how they want it (no complaining involved).  My kids, and my husband, love to have the Date Cookies for snack and they usually disappear the same day I make them.  They are full of oats and nuts, but no refined sugar.  There is no baking involved for these cookies, all you need is a food processor.  Kids can help make these cookies too.  You can have them measure ingredients and help roll the cookies.  I love to get my kids involved in cooking and they love to eat things that they make, even if it is a new food.



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Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

This was our dessert on Valentine’s Day.  My daughter saw a non-vegan version of fruit pizza in one of her magazine’s and kept asking me to make it.  I am so glad that I finally gave in and made it.  It was so good and I have never seen kids so eager to eat fruit before.  This is a great recipe to get the kids involved in making.  They can help with the cookie dough and help with decorating it with the fruit.   I replaced half of the white flour in the cookie recipe with whole wheat white flour and it turned out really good.  I think fruit pizza may be my new favorite dessert (except for chocolate of course).


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Valentine’s Cinnamon Cookies


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I can’t believe that Valentine’s is here already.  It kind of snuck up on me this year, but I still wanted to make some special cookies for my family.  This recipe is so simple it feels like I am cheating by making them these cookies.  They are made with puff pastry, which believe it or not is vegan (at least the Pepperridge Farm brand is).     I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


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Happy New Year!  Last night I made vegan cheese fondue for dinner and vegan chocolate fondue for dessert.  I haven’t had cheese fondue since becoming vegan and I really wanted it, so I gave it a try.  It was delicious.  The chocolate was unbelievably good and of course I ate way too much of it.  It was a great way to start a new year.








Hope you enjoy the vegan fondue!!


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Christmas Menu



Merry Christmas!  Here are some recipes that I am planning on making for Christmas.  This year I am keeping the menu simple and some what traditional.  We will not have all of our extended family this year so it should be a quiet Christmas. I hope you all have a very happy holiday.


Christmas Eve Dinner Menu:

Caramelized onion and olive tart

mashed potatoes and gravy

roasted veggies

cranberry sauce

Egg Nog Cheesecake From Fat Free Vegan Kitchen












Christmas Brunch Menu:

fruit and granola bake

Sausage and cheddar tofu frittata

hash browns







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Hot Chocolate

This is the perfect time of year for hot chocolate.  My kids are always asking for it and I hate for them to have the stuff out of the package, so I made my own.  This recipe doesn’t have that much sugar and it is super chocolatey.  I found vegan marshmallows to go in and we put in peppermint sticks too.  I will be making this again tomorrow when we decorate our Christmas tree.


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Thanksgiving Menu

This year we will have 16 people here for Thanksgiving and the kids have been working hard on our decorations.  Our little house will be very full, but it is such a blessing to have everyone together.   I tried to keep the food very traditional this year, so everyone will have something familiar.  Here is the menu:

Meatless Loaf from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.  I am going to wrap mine in puff pastry.

Traditional stuffing with apples

Greens beans with apple cider, carmelized onions and walnuts

Cranberry sauce

Roasted sweet potatoes with, cranberries, sage and walnuts

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Homemade rolls

Pumpkin Pie


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Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Grandma's Sugar Cookies



This has been a crazy week of packing up my Mom and trying to see all my friends and family.  Today the kids and I took a break and made some sugar cookies for Halloween.  I used a recipe given to me by my husband’s Grandma, of course I had to make a few changes to make the cookies vegan.  The kids get very few treats like this, so they were very excited and had a great time helping.  I think they had more frosting on them than got on the cookies.


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